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There will be no new release of proposed legislative and congressional district maps this week after all.

California's first citizens redistricting commission has opted to cancel Thursday's scheduled release of revised boundary proposals that were intended to respond to scores of letters and e-mails received after the June 10 release of tentative maps.

Instead of a second round of maps, the 14-member citizens commission said it will post "visualizations of proposed districts" - conceptual boundaries - to generate additional feedback before release on July 28 of what are expected to be the final maps.

The redistricting commission, after making the decision in a Saturday meeting, posted a vague notification on its website that indicated more time is needed for consideration and debate.

The panel's announcement said only that "in order to produce the best district maps possible, it will amend its schedule and not release a second round of draft maps."

A flood of letters has been received by the commission the past month, many from people who complain about proposals they feel would split their community unfairly or dilute the voting power of some minority groups.

The commission, assuming powers formerly held by the Legislature, was created by passage of Proposition 11 in 2008 to draw legislative and Board of Equalization districts. Its powers were expanded by voters last year to include congressional maps.

Final maps for 80 Assembly districts, 40 state Senate districts, 53 congressional districts, and four Board of Equalization districts must be approved by Aug. 15. The drawing of new lines, called redistricting, is done every 10 years.

Commission approval of its new maps requires support from nine of its 14 members, including three Democrats, three Republicans, and three independent or minor-party voters.


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