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Gov. Jerry Brown couldn't leave the state when he was governor before without looking over his shoulder at Lt. Gov. Mike Curb, who feuded with Brown and made mischief when he was gone.

But as Brown prepares to leave California for the first time since retaking office this year, he can rest easy: Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, who will become acting governor while Brown is in Las Vegas on Tuesday for a clean energy conference, is unlikely to misbehave.

"The Lieutenant Governor takes his constitutional duties seriously and is prepared to work closely with Governor Brown to ensure consistent operations," Newsom spokesman Francisco Castillo said in an e-mail.

Newsom, like Brown, is a Democrat, and so far this year he has been deferential to Brown.

Brown traveled more when he was governor before, from 1975 to 1983, and Curb, a Republican, stirred the pot. Curb tried to elevate a Republican judge to the appellate court (Brown rescinded the appointment), for example, and he signed a bill to permit a temporary increase in the lead content of gasoline.


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