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California's state and local governments employed more than two million full- and part-time workers in 2010, and they were paid about $10 billion a month, a new data dump from the Census Bureau shows.

The California data were gleaned from the Census Bureau's annual census of government employment, taken in March 2010, and indicate that state and local governments are, collectively, one of the largest segments of the state's $2 trillion per year economy.

California's 2.16 million government employees translate into 1.79 million "full-time equivalent" workers, and the $9.7 billion paid to them in March 2010 translates into an average full-time salary of nearly $5,500 per month.

The state employed the full-time equivalent of 410,653 workers that month, while local governments, including schools, had the equivalent of 1.4 million employees on their payrolls. The Census Bureau noted that the state's local agencies had dropped nearly 48,000 part-time workers since the 2009 census while California's state government added 2,836 part-timers.

Higher education, with the full-time equivalent of 158,064 workers, was by far the state government's largest category of employment, followed by the prison system's 61,710. Education, with the full-time equivalent of 722,847 workers, accounted for more than half of local government employment, followed by law enforcement with 90,263, public hospitals with 66,260, and welfare with 64,879.

The California state government report is available here while local government data can be found here.


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