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LOS ANGELES - A fervent, youthful crowd of Ron Paul supporters hoisted banners and chanted Paul's name as the presidential hopeful swept through the state Republican Party's convention here this morning.

A party breakfast has likely never seen so much Converse.

"I think the main purpose of our Constitution and political action should be the preservation of liberty," Paul told delegates on Constitution Day.

His supporters waved to passers-by outside the JW Marriott and swarmed him inside the hotel.

"We can't have everything overnight," Paul said. "I mean, it would be great if in the first 30 days of this new administration that we could get rid of the IRS and the Federal Reserve."

A more realistic expectation, he said, is lower taxes.

Paul took second in the Iowa straw poll in August, behind Michele Bachmann. Among California Republicans, Paul is polling at 7 percent, just ahead of Bachmann but far behind front-runners Rick Perry and Mitt Romney.

Paul said at breakfast, "The reception has been overwhelming to say the least."


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