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A push to adopt a more moderate California Republican Party platform was was defeated in the final hours of the party's fall convention in Los Angeles today.

The proposed language, which downplayed traditional GOP positions on gun rights, abortion and same-sex marriage, had come under fire from conservatives. Supporters had argued that the changes emphasized jobs and the economy and presented the party's issue stances in a way that would appeal to more voters.

The plan, backed by wealthy GOP donor Charles T. Munger Jr., failed to win approval from the CRP Platform Committee Sunday afternoon.

The committee instead approved an updated version of the current state GOP platform, which includes more detailed language sought by conservatives.

"The platform committee reversed the horrendous decisions of the drafting committee and restored core principles of the party platform," said Mike Spence, a leading critic of the more moderate plan. "It's proof that people that care about issues can beat money."

Today's committee action is not likely to end the debate over the platform. The document approved today still has to come up for a full delegate vote at the party's spring convention in Burlingame. Further changes could be proposed and adopted during that process.

"The platform committee made its decision and recommendation and now it's up to the membership to have the final say," said Hector Barajas, a supporter of the failed plan.

"We can have disagreements within families and we can can have disagreements within friends and each side will continue to advocate for its priorities in a respectful way," he added.


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