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He's running far behind in the polls, but Republican presidential candidate Fred Karger told supporters Saturday he's got no plans to give up his bid to be the first openly gay man elected to the White House.

"I'm not going anywhere. I will be in this," Karger told a small group of supporters gathered at a reception held by the Log Cabin Republicans during the state GOP convention in Los Angeles.

The California Republican, who received just one vote in the GOP straw poll conducted yesterday, said low overhead for his "lean, mean" campaign operation and ongoing support from his backers will give his bid longevity. He said he has received thousands of letters encouraging him to continue his campaign and push to make gay rights a GOP cause.

"We're making a lot of noise out there," he said. "We have a low overhead, we can maintain this throughout."

Karger pledged to continue fighting against snubs from debate organizers who won't give him a spot on the stage and even his own party, which he claimed "double crossed" him by refusing to introduce him during Friday night's dinner banquet, which featured GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann.

"If I can get in one of those, anything can happen, which is a scary prospect," he said of the nationally televised debates.


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