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Troubled Vernon.JPGStress of the final days of the legislative session got you down? Take a breather from the floor action and help Capitol Alert pick the winner in our latest Caption Contest.

For those who missed last week's contest launch, we asked our always clever readers to help us script a tense-looking chat between Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez and Sen. Kevin de León.

This photo of the two Los Angeles Democrats was snapped by the Associated Press one day after de León derailed Pérez's effort to dissolve the city of Vernon.

Competition was tough -- we received more than 200 entries. What did we learn about our followers from the laugh lines sent our way? Alert readers are familiar with the art of Roshambo, also called Rock, Paper, Scissors. In fact, scores of entrants submitted just the three-word game chant. Many of you also had manicures on the mind.

We've picked our 10 favorites and now turn to you to help select which entry is worthy of our grand prize -- a $25 gift card to a capital-area coffee shop.

Send your vote to by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 9. Please vote once and pick only one caption. Feel free to make the case for your favorite line in the comments forum below.

Without further ado, here are our 10 finalists:

1.) "You put your right hand in, THEN you put your right hand out"

2.) "So we agree -- the world is flat."

3.) De León to Pérez: "I don't care how many votes you have, you can't disincorporate my family!"

4.) "Walk like an Egyptian."

5.) "We need one more hand to be able to count every citizen of Vernon."

6.) Pérez: "You realize it's not really a city?" de León: "You realize it's not really a diploma?"

7.) Pérez: "NO, Senator! They saw you break in to my office and take my favorite rubber duckie!"

8.) Pérez: "OK, Kevin, if we are gonna settle this Vernon thing with rock-paper-scissors, we both can't keep throwing out paper!"

9.) "So tell me again: Does my district overlap yours, or does your district overlap mine?"

10.) "I wanted to get rid of vermin, not Vernon!"

Happy voting! Click here to see the original post announcing the contest.

PHOTO CREDIT: Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez, D-Los Angeles, left, talks with state Sen. Kevin de León, D-Los Angeles, during the Senate session at the Capitol in Sacramento on Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2011. The day before, de León helped scuttle a measure by Pérez that would have dissolved the troubled Los Angeles-area city of Vernon. Rich Pedroncelli/Associated Press.


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