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BELMONT - Hours after dispatching with the last of hundreds of bills sent him by the Legislature this fall, Gov. Jerry Brown was still musing about the "very unusual process" that kept him up reviewing piles of proposed laws.

"I was up late last night signing and vetoing lots of bills," the Democratic governor said under drizzling skies in Belmont. "It's a very unusual process that concentrates a lot of the work of state government in the last couple of weeks."

When asked if there were any inconsistencies in his veto and signing messages, Brown said there were not.

"I look at each bill," he said. "Since the same mind is looking at each bill, there's at least a modest consistency."

Brown was in Belmont to celebrate solar energy company SunEdison's decision to move its corporate headquarters here from Maryland, but he faced continuing questions about Solyndra LLC's spectacular failure.

Brown said the nature of capitalism is for some businesses to fail and others to succeed.

"There's a certain Darwinian struggle," he said. "Some make it and some don't."


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