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BEVERLY HILLS - Gov. Jerry Brown said this afternoon that he will propose pension changes requiring a constitutional amendment and a public vote, though he declined to discuss them in any detail.

"You'll get all the details very soon," Brown told reporters after speaking at the Milken Institute's State of the State Conference at The Beverly Hilton.

The Democratic governor is expected next year to seek voter approval of tax increases. It was unclear if the measures would be paired.

Brown, who has said for weeks that he would propose a package of pension changes this fall, said today that "some of them will take constitutional changes."

He said, "There's no question that we're going to have to adjust our pensions so that the money coming in is going to be equal to what we can expect the money going out will be."

Brown, 73, was applauded when he said on stage, "I could actually probably say that I won't take my pension until I solve the pension problem."

Later, he said he was kidding.

"It might take me 10 or 20 years to get the job done," Brown told reporters. "I thought it would be a good challenge, but I don't want to make that challenge without a little more deliberative thought."


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