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Even as student protests spread across the state this fall - with national attention focused today on the pepper spraying of nonviolent protesters at UC Davis - Gov. Jerry Brown has kept silent.

Unlike Assembly Speaker John A. Perez, who was "appalled at the apparent use of excessive force by the UC Davis police force at a peaceful student demonstration," or Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who called it "outrageous," Brown's office has issued no comment.

Nor would he address the Occupy movement when he was asked about it at a press conference last month.

"You know, I don't want to step on my story at this point," said Brown, who was announcing a pension proposal.

The Democratic governor is vacationing out of state. His office will not say where or for how long.

Brown spokeswoman Elizabeth Ashford said the governor's office had been briefed by UC about the Davis incident.

Regarding Brown's lack of response to Occupy protests, she said they are local matters handled by local agencies.

However, Ashford said, "As with anything that's happening in California, we are keeping an eye on it."


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