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This California Cub Scout clearly had done his homework.

While Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher was talking politics Tuesday with the boy and about a dozen other scouts during a visit to the lawmaker's San Diego office, the 9-year-old made his move.

"Do you listen to kids?" the boy asked.

"Well, sure, what ideas do you have?" replied Fletcher, a San Diego Republican who hopes to become the city's mayor next year.

"I think school should only be four days a week," the boy said. "I think you should do a law that says school is only four days a week."

Recalling the exchange, Fletcher laughed Wednesday.

"Well, I'm going to listen to you," Fletcher said he told the youngster. "But you're still going to go to school five days a week."

Nine years from now, when the Cub Scout can vote, will Fletcher regret turning thumbs down?

"Naw," Fletcher said. "By then, he will have finished his education. He'll realize the value of it."

And some other boy will push for the same thing, perhaps.


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