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Gov. Jerry Brown sees a modern day message for proponents of solar power in the story of Hanukkah.

Speaking at the Capitol Menorah Lighting this morning, the Democratic governor cast the eight-day Jewish holiday, which begins tomorrow, as a good time to reflect on "the whole idea that we're running out of oil so we need a miracle."

Today's miracle, he said, "is not to find more oil, but to utilize the sun."

"When we continue to use our intelligence we're going to take that sun through the miracle of modern science and technology and we're going to light up California, our cars, our homes our air conditioners," Brown said. "And we are going to reduce significantly and every year the amount of money we are sending over to the Middle East to some very dangerous characters who do not have our best interests in the heart."

Of course, with just weeks until his next budget unveiling and a fight to win voter approval for tax hikes headed to the November ballot, Brown is also hoping for some higher help in the near future.

"We need a lot of miracles here in Sacramento to get our problems solved," he said.


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