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Texas, whose economy has been stronger than California's in recent years, is also seeing a much stronger population growth, according to the first post-2010 census estimate from the Census Bureau.

Texas added 529,000 residents to its population between the census date of April 1, 2010, and July 1 of this year, the Census Bureau said, which also made it the nation's fastest growing state at 2.1 percent. California was second in numerical gain at 438,000 but its 1.2 percent growth rate was scarcely half of Texas' and only slightly above the national average of .98 percent.

The Census Bureau's new estimate for California, 37.7 million, is still nearly 50 percent higher than Texas' population of 25.7 million. The California estimated population also comports with the most recent data from the state Department of Finance. During the previous decade, the two estimates grew more than a million persons apart, but both agencies started the new decade with numbers from the 2010 census as their bases for estimates and projections.


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