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Republican legislative leaders rolled out their response to Gov. Jerry Brown's 2012 State of the State address Tuesday, slamming the Democratic governor for telling Californians that the"sky will fall" without higher taxes.

"Today Governor Brown shared his vision for California for the year ahead," Assembly GOP leader Connie Conway says in a video. "Republicans were eager to hear his ideas for the many challenges facing our state. Unfortunately, the governor's vision is centered around one thing: higher taxes."

The only thing is Brown hasn't shared that vision yet.

A pre-taped video of Conway and Senate GOP leader Bob Huff responding to Brown's address was posted online today via the Senate Republican Caucus' Vimeo channel, more than 16 hours before Brown is scheduled to deliver the address.

Brown's office, which has been mum on what the governor plans to discuss, wasn't too impressed by the Republicans' preview.

"Zzzz," tweeted Brown spokesman Gil Duran, "Republicans post tired talking points in taped 'pre-sponse' to a speech that has not yet been given."

Conway spokeswoman Sabrina Lockhart said it has become standard protocol for the GOP leaders to record a reaction before the speech because of time constraints and press deadlines, noting that in some years the response has been released before the speech on purpose.

While that wasn't the case this year, "due to a technical error it became public prematurely," Lockhart said of the embargoed video, which has now gone back behind a password-protected site until Wednesday.

Legislative Republicans aren't the only ones under the dome who have suffered from premature posting in recent weeks.

Brown's own Department of Finance jumped the gun on releasing the governor's state budget proposal earlier this month, accidentally publishing his spending plan online days before its Jan. 10 unveiling.


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