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Question One - Sacramento from Fly On The Wall Productions on Vimeo.

Don't bother asking Sacramento political consultant Frank Schubert what he thinks of the movie "Question One -- The Battle for Same-Sex Marriage in America."

He hasn't seen it. And he has no plans to.

The documentary, set to premiere on the West Coast at Sacramento's Crest Theater on Feb. 1, depicts the 2009 ballot war in Maine over same-sex marriage. Maine lawmakers approved same sex marriage. Maine voters, with urging from Schubert and partner Jeff Flint of Schubert Flint Public Affairs, repealed it. Schubert Flint took the Maine job in the aftermath of guiding Proposition 8's gay marriage ban to victory in California in 2008.

"I have no plans to see the movie, and I already know how it ends," Schubert said Friday. He said he is skeptical that the film constitutes an even-handed portrayal of the campaign, particularly because one of his allies in the campaign -- Catholic diocese official Marc Mutty -- "is portrayed as being upset with me."

New York filmmaker Joseph Fox, who raised eyebrows when he publicly came out as gay after the campaign, said the movie is simply a "mirror" on what transpired in both war rooms.

"We set out to make a movie right down the middle, and we were granted access from both sides," Fox said in an interview Friday.

The movie premiered in Maine in November, and the filmmakers are just beginning to market the showing in Sacramento, Schubert Flint's home turf. The trailer (above) prominently features Schubert speaking to supporters of the marriage ban.

"The covering of the process of campaigns is something the media likes to do, but I don't think it's particularly interesting or particularly informing," Schubert said.

Fox would like to Schubert to reconsider. "I would be delighted," Fox said, "to have him see it."


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