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Take four intrepid California journalists, add two days of camera work and one-liners. Throw in some background shots of Bacteria Bear, and what you get is a brand new video, brought to you by the Sacramento Press Club.

In just over three minutes, "Stuff Capitol Insiders Say" runs through, well, the stuff that Capitol insiders say when they're around the Capitol. Important stuff like, "Where's CCPOA on this?" and "So, what is eye patch underwear?"

The journalists involved aren't named on screen, but here they are: The Bee's Ed Fletcher and Torey Van Oot, as well as Brian Joseph of the Orange County Register and Allen Young of Comstock's magazine.

Fletcher, who did the editing, was behind the camera except when he was in front of it, in which case Joseph and Young took over. The script was a joint effort, and the video was shot late last month.

Its parting words: "The opinions expressed do not represent the views of the journalists involved or their employer past, present or future. Insert additional lawyer speak." Watch the video below.


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