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Making a personal pitch for donations and help, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove has posted an online video designed to bolster her campaign to switch California's Legislature to a part-time body.

"Help me take back this great state," the Bakersfield Republican concludes in the four-minute video produced by Tea Party United.

"Last year, Sacramento politicians regulated or legislated font size, shark fins, state rocks - it's just outrageous what they spend their time on. ... We need to reduce the damage that legislators impact on our state," Grove said.

Opponents claim that a part-time Legislature would discourage many good candidates from running, would increase reliance upon lobbyists, and would lead to a more corrupt Legislature, with many lawmakers having outside jobs that conflict with issues at the Capitol.

Grove and Ted Costa, of People's Advocate, recently received the state's green light to begin gathering the 807,615 valid voter signatures needed to place their constitutional amendment before voters in November.

The measure calls for the Legislature to meet for three months each year, rather than nine, and for lawmakers' annual pay to be cut from $95,000 to $18,000.

The proposal also would require legislators to adopt two-year state budgets and would bar officeholders for accepting state employment or appointment to a state post while serving in the Capitol or for five years afterward.

RELATED LINK: See The Bee's op-ed page today for a head-to-head debate on the issue between Pia Lopez and Ben Boychuk.


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