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RENO - Ron Paul told supporters here tonight that his libertarian ideas are gaining traction and that his presidential campaign - despite Paul's inability to break through in early primaries - remains aglow.

"I believe that we will be able to win this," the Texas congressman told several hundred people at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino. "We must remain in this battle and do our very best."

The Republican candidates were campaigning today in Nevada ahead of the state's caucuses on Saturday. Paul finished a distant second to the frontrunner, Mitt Romney, in the Silver State four years ago.

Paul said to cheers tonight, "The revolution is alive and well."

His appearance came just hours after Romney spoke at an event down the road in Reno. Hundreds of people turned out for each rally, but Paul's had something Romney's lacked. Outside the room where Paul spoke, two supporters propped up an inflatable punching bag with a photograph of President Barack Obama, charging $1 each in a "Ron Paul fundraiser to 'beat' Obama."

They planned to take the cash in to Paul but said they were strictly "unofficial."


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