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Nadia Lockyer, the embattled wife of state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, acknowledged she wrote the e-mail accusing her husband of once supplying her with drugs, according to a San Jose Mercury News story that ran Sunday.

She previously claimed that her former methamphetamine-addicted lover had hacked into her e-mail account to send the accusation to a reporter earlier this month. In the interview with the Mercury News, Nadia Lockyer said, "It did come from me and I made the mistake of regretting sending it. I ask the public not to hold anything against my husband for actions that happened a long time ago."

Bill Lockyer, a former state attorney general, denies his wife's claim.

"The allegation that Bill Lockyer provided her drugs was B.S. when we didn't know who said it, and it's still B.S.," spokesman Tom Dresslar said Monday.

Nadia Lockyer announced her resignation Friday from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors, where she had served little over a year after winning election in 2010 with $1.5 million in campaign funding from her husband's war chest.

She said in a statement that she was leaving office so she could "focus on the well-being of my child, recovery from chemical dependency and interpersonal violence, and transitioning to work in the private sector." Her mention of "interpersonal violence" was apparently a reference to allegedly having suffered a Feb. 3 assault at the hands of her onetime lover Stephen Chikhani in a Newark hotel that exposed her personal problems.

Elsewhere in the Mercury News interview, Nadia Lockyer alleged that her husband said to her during a fight in February, "Why don't you just go ahead and commit suicide?"

Dresslar responded, "They had a heated argument, like married couples do on occasion. Nothing unusual. They both said things - not just him - they both said things that were hurtful and that they regret."


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