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President Barack Obama today became the first president to declare his support for gay marriage. Here is some reaction for California officials:

"I commend President Obama for supporting Americans who deserve equal rights, equal respect and equal recognition. ... However, the fight is not over. Whether here in California, or in places like North Carolina where voters approved a ban on same-sex marriage this week, the march towards justice must continue." --Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

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"I applaud the President's statement today supporting marriage equality. Equality before the law is the founding principle of our nation. In that spirit, I will continue our common work to ensure that equality belongs to all Californians and all Americans." -- Attorney General Kamala Harris

"Today is a proud day for all Americans who believe every adult is entitled to marry the person they love. President Obama becomes the first sitting president in American history to have the courage to support the freedom to marry for gay couples. In doing so, we all take a huge collective step toward a stronger, more equal, and more inclusive America where all loving families are not only accepted, but celebrated." -- California Democratic Party Chairman John Burton

"This is an historic moment for our country, and I applaud President Obama for standing up for freedom, justice and equality for all people in a time when other elected officials are reluctant to do so. Denying committed same-sex couples the choice to marry has no benefit to our society and only divides communities and hurts loving couples and their families. I am confident the President's support will help build momentum for the international movement to achieve full equality for same-sex couples everywhere." -- Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco

"Mr. Obama has told America's blacks, Hispanics, and everyone who knows in their hearts that marriage is only for one man and one woman that he doesn't represent them and that he will fight against the moral values of their families." -- Randy Thomasson, president of

"I thank and applaud President Obama for taking the courageous and bold step in affirming marriage as a fundamental right for all couples, regardless of sexual orientation. All families deserve equal protection of the law. We have a long way to go in ensuring full equality for LGBT people and the President's support for marriage equality brings us closer towards that goal." -- Assemblyman Rich Gordon, Chair of the California Legislative Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Caucus

"I have never been more proud of our President than I am today. His journey to acceptance is an example of the one value we honor most in America, freedom; freedom to choose who we love, freedom to choose who we marry, freedom to choose who we partner with to raise a family. Denying the right for any two people to marry is discrimination." -- Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, D-Sacramento

"This is a historic day and another step in our country's long march toward equal rights and justice for all. The President's statement is a milestone and so important for the millions of American families who deserve full equality. None of us can rest until marriage equality is a reality for all Americans." --U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Ca.

"Like the President's successful effort to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell, I believe today will be remembered as a major milestone in the LGBT movement, and one that gives credence to Dr. Martin Luther King's observation that 'the arc of history is long, but it bends towards justice.' I am deeply grateful for the President's leadership on this fundamental issue of civil rights." -- Speaker John Pérez

"Today, President Obama reaffirmed the hope and promise most Americans felt nearly four years ago when he was elected. After yesterday's disappointing defeats in North Carolina and Colorado, the President still had the political courage to do the right thing and publicly support marriage equality. I commend his leadership and commitment to all Americans, and I look forward to the day when such announcements cease to be viewed as momentous and start being viewed as common sense." -- Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco/San Mateo

"Equality before the law is a pillar of American democracy. I applaud President Obama's support for the right of same-sex couples to marry." -- Gov. Jerry Brown


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