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Thought Friday's budget votes signaled an end to this year's fiscal fight under the dome?


While lawmakers approved a budget bill and six "trailer' measures Friday to meet their constitutional deadline and keep their paychecks coming, some of the biggest issues remain unresolved.

Democratic leaders and Gov. Jerry Brown are expected to continue working on working out their differences - a several hundred million dollar gap - this week, with a goal of getting the remaining language to the governor's desk by June 30. Proposals concerning CalWorks and redevelopment dollars were among the sticking points as of Friday's floor votes.

By some counts, as many as additional 22 trailer bills will come to the floor to complete the budget package. That's about three times as many measures as the Legislature took up in Friday's speedy floor sessions.

Both houses are scheduled to convene for floor sessions today. Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg asked members to keep their own scheduled flexible this week in anticipation of some possibly lengthy sessions on those trailer bills.

The budget isn't the only issue subject to ongoing negotiations.

Lawmakers are trying to close a deal on a package of bills aimed at aiding homeowners hurt by the mortgage crisis. The joint conference committee created to work out the details of the proposals could come out with its draft report as soon as this week.

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NEW JOBS: Steinberg spokesman Mark Hedlund has been promoted to communications director. He replaces Alicia Trost, who worked her final budget vote on Friday before starting a new job as Communications Department manager for the Bay Area Rapid Transit District. Rhys Williams, who worked on the Proposition 29 campaign and for former Senate President Pro Tem Don Perata's Oakland mayoral bid, has joined the office as a press secretary.

BIRTHDAY: Assemblyman V. Manuel Perez, D-Coachella, turns 39 today.


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