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photo (5).JPGPolice arrested 10 demonstrators for protesting proposed budget cuts to in-home care for low-income elderly and disabled Californians at the Capitol this afternoon.

Gov. Jerry Brown called for cutting hours and services provided by the program as part of his proposal to close a projected $15.7 billion budget deficit. Negotiations with Democratic legislative leaders, who are seeking to craft a budget with fewer cuts to heath and welfare programs, are continuing ahead of Friday's deadline for the Legislature to approve a budget.

The demonstration in the halls of the Capitol was part of an ongoing effort organized by SEIU United Long Term Care Workers and other unions representing In-Home Supportive Services workers.

Hundreds of supporters of the program, including providers and some recipients, filled the first-floor hallway in the Capitol at about 1 p.m., chanting "si se puede" and "hey, hey, ho, ho, these budget cuts have got to go."

Ten individuals standing shoulder to shoulder and linking arms around the entrance to the Governor's Office, including one man in a wheelchair, chose to face arrest after hearing an officer's warning that they would be arrested if they remained in place. They were escorted out of the hallway as other demonstrators cheered them on.

A spokesman for California Highway Patrol said all 10 were cited for demonstrating without a permit and obstructing or interfering with the use of state property and released.

IHSS provider Lesia Louro, one of the arrested protesters, said she was concerned about how the cuts would affect the woman she cares for as part of the program.

"By them cutting her hours, it's going to hurt her because she has seizures," said Louro, who is from Barstow.

The remaining protesters filed out of the building after the arrests, chanting "We'll be back." Organizers are planning a candlelight vigil later tonight and more protests tomorrow, when they say 5,000 supporters will be on Capitol grounds.

PHOTO: An officer reads two protesters asks two protesters outside Gov. Jerry Brown's office whether they would like to leave or face arrest . Torey Van Oot, Sacramento Bee.


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