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The California Democratic Party has made its support of Gov. Jerry Brown's tax initiative official.

The party's executive board voted to endorse Proposition 30 at a weekend meeting in Anaheim. The measure would generate an estimated $8.5 billion in revenues assumed in the current state budget by temporarily raising income taxes on high earners and enacting a quarter percent hike in the state sales tax.

The board voted to oppose a rival tax initiative backed by civil rights attorney Molly Munger and the California State PTA. Proposition 38 would raise income taxes on a sliding scale for most Californians, sending the bulk of the revenues to schools and early childhood development programs.

It took no position on Proposition 39, a third tax measure that would raise about $1 billion annually by changing the state's corporate tax formula. The initiative, proposed by hedge fund manager Tom Steyer, would use revenues to fund clean energy projects and provide state budget relief. Speaker John A. Perez has introduced legislation that would make the same change and use the revenues to help California families pay for college.

See the full list of endorsements after the jump.

California Democratic Party 2012 ballot meausure endorsements:

Proposition 30 (Brown tax measure) SUPPORT

Proposition 31 (Changes to the budget process): OPPOSE

Proposition 32 (Ban on using payroll deductions for political spending): OPPOSE

Proposition 33: (Auto insurance rates) OPPOSE

Proposition 34: (Death penalty repeal) SUPPORT

Proposition 35: (Human trafficking penalties) SUPPORT

Proposition 36: (Revises "Three Strikes" sentencing laws) SUPPORT

Proposition 37: (Labels for genetically-engineered foods) SUPPORT

Proposition 38: (Munger tax proposal) OPPOSE

Proposition 39: (corporate tax formula) NEUTRAL

PROPOSITION 40: (Senate maps referendum) YES - keep current maps.


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