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Gov. Jerry Brown, announcing a controversial, $14 billion plan this morning to build a pair of tunnels to move water through the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta to the south, said he will not be hindered by "analysis paralysis."

"Analysis paralysis is not why I came back 30 years later to handle some of the same issues," the 74-year-old former governor said. "At this stage, as I see many of my friends dying -- I went to the funeral of my best friend a couple of weeks ago -- I want to get s--- done."

The Democratic governor has been seeking a way to move water through or around the Delta since he was governor before. He persuaded the Legislature three decades ago to approve a peripheral canal, but the measure was defeated in a referendum in 1982.

Brown's remark had newspaper reporters chuckling and television reporters wondering whether they could air it on the evening news.

U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar made note of it, too. He said officials are "moving forward" with the project, a point he said Brown made "without any degree of ambiguity."


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