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As the debt-saddled California Republican Party considered shuttering its Sacramento headquarters last month, another political party was quietly making moves to expand its presence in the state capital.

"Two-hundred thirty-six years after the Continental Congress set our nation on a bold experiment in representative government, the Libertarian Party of California embarked on its own bold experiment Monday, July 2, 2012, opening a new office in Sacramento," the state Libertarian Party announced on its website this week.

"The hypothesis of the experiment is that close proximity to California's Capitol will aid the Party in it's efforts to fulfill its purposes as stated in Bylaw 2," the post added. (The misspelled it's is in the original.)

For those unfamiliar with the party's bylaws, that one defines the party's purpose and activities, such as recruiting new members, endorsing and promoting presidential nominee Gary Johnson and other Libertarian candidates, and "developing an on-going political strategy to identify, expose, combat, and defeat the opponents of liberty in the political arena."

The California Libertarian Party, which claims it is the state's fastest-growing political party, now occupies a suite in building on 7th and L streets -- just six blocks away from Republicans' scaled-back operations. At last count, 93,657 Californians had registered as Libertarians, or 0.55 percent of the state's 17.1 million registered voters.

The state GOP, which has seen its membership shrink in recent years, laid off several staff members and downsized its Sacramento office space in an effort to to cut down on costs and deploy more resources in targeted districts.


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