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delegate.JPGCHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The opinion that Californians are a little off is apparently bipartisan.

The Golden State's blue politics didn't stop Democrats from across the country gathered here for the Democratic National Convention from developing views of the state similar to their GOP counterparts in Tampa, whose thoughts on the state included "weird" and "scary."

"I love California's weather, but the people -- I think some of them, the sun has affected their brains," said Marcia Hazelton, a Maryland delegate who spends several months a year in the state. The retiree cited onerous business licensing requirements faced by some friends selling goods in Venice Beach as one issue with her part-time home.

California's budget cuts to schools frightens Iowa delegate Alice Boyd .

The retired teacher from Des Moines said she's heard of the state's ongoing budget problems from friends teaching in the state.

"There's just not enough money in California to get around to everybody that needs to get it," she said. "It's too big and too diverse."

Still, the blue state got props from some delegates for Democrats' willingness to help the party win outside California.

"They're like a jumping bunny, because every time you ask they will jump to it and come to Nevada to help out," Nevada delegate Loretta Harper said.

Harper said her Democratic club in Clark County often coordinates with volunteers from the neighboring state, who she said are so eager to help that they will "mop the floor" if asked.

"They're so full of energy," she said.

PHOTO CREDIT: When Iowa delegate Alice Boyd thinks of California, she thinks of budget cuts to schools. The Sacramento Bee/Torey Van Oot.


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