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Gov. Jerry Brown already was vowing to try again next year, minutes after the Senate today rejected Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez's proposal to raise taxes on out-of-state firms for college scholarships.

"Speaker Perez deserves special credit for leading the way to end tax loopholes and fund middle-class scholarships," Brown said in a written statement released at 1:25 a.m. today.

"We're not finished yet and we're going to work to get it done in the next session."

The Senate took a vote on Pérez's Assembly Bill 1500 early this morning, before adjourning for the year, even though the bill's doom had been assured hours earlier when Pérez's efforts to swing a deal with Republicans failed.

The final tally was 22-15, five votes shy of the supermajority needed for passage.

AB 1500 would have altered a tax formula for out-of-state firms to generate $1 billion, mostly for scholarships to students attending the University of California or California State University.

The scholarships were intended for students from middle-class families, with household incomes of about $150,000 per year or less. Separate legislation, Assembly Bill 1501, promised the scholarships - but without funding, that bill is dead, too.


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