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In a swipe at Gov. Jerry Brown and his ballot measure to raise taxes, the campaign for a rival tax measure suggested in its first statewide TV ad, released today, that Brown's initiative is the product of "Sacramento politicians" who have reduced school funding for years.

In its ad, the Proposition 38 campaign, backed by wealthy civil rights lawyer Molly Munger, touts its Nov. 6 initiative as a "new approach," sending money for schools directly to school districts.

The ad does not mention the Democratic governor or his tax initiative by name, but it criticizes the campaign's central argument, that failure to pass Proposition 30 will result in about $5.4 billion in cuts to schools and community colleges.

"For years, Sacramento politicians have chopped away funds for our schools," the ad says. "Today, we're 47th out of 50 in per-pupil funding. Now these politicians say unless we send more tax dollars to Sacramento, they'll cut education again."

The ad comes as the campaigns prepare to ramp up ahead of Election Day. Brown has yet to release a statewide TV spot. He said over the weekend that "the campaign is just beginning."


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