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Among the more interesting findings of the Field Poll released on Gov. Jerry Brown's ballot initiative to raise income taxes on high-income earners is that support for the measure is highest among those who are relatively well off.

While overall support for Proposition 30 is just 51 percent, support for the measure climbs to 59 percent among likely voters whose annual household incomes exceed $100,000, according to the poll.

The measure is supported by 48 percent of likely voters whose annual household incomes fall between $40,000 and $99,000, according to the poll, and by 51 percent of likely voters whose household incomes fall below that lower threshold.

Proposition 30 would raise sales taxes and hike income taxes on those earning more than $250,000 a year, the very people who appear to back it the most.

But Poll Director Mark DiCamillo said support for the measure among California's wealthier people is a reflection less of their income than of their typically higher educational attainment. Among likely voters, 54 percent of college graduates and 61 percent of people who have done postgraduate work support Brown's initiative, according to the poll.

It isn't clear how many of the relatively wealthy voters Field interviewed earn enough to be affected by the proposed income tax increase. DiCamillo said he has a feeling they might oppose the measure, but he said, "I'm just not sure."


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