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Question: What takes 64 pages to change just a few words?

Answer: Senate Bill 1395, which was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown today.

The measure switches the name "Bureau of State Audits" to "California State Auditor's Office," and switches "State Auditor" to "California State Auditor."

Five words altered.

But the bill extends dozens of pages because it identifies every sentence in state codes where the old terms exist.

Existing statutes can cause confusion by using the terms State Auditor and Bureau of State Audits when referring to the duties of a single state office, according to a legislative analysis of SB 1395.

"The proposed change would clarify that there is one single state entity responsible for audits," the analysis said.

The new law requires that all supplies, forms, signs or logos using the old terms for the auditor's office be used up, not replaced.

A legislative analysis says the cost of the change would be "minor and absorbable within existing BSA resources."

State Auditor Elaine Howle sponsored SB 1395.


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