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Assemblyman Mike Morrell's opponent released videotaped remarks of a campaign speech in which the Republican incumbent said that government officials "should be shot" for how they handle tax money.

Democrat Russ Warner's campaign released the tape today, calling Morell "too extreme for our Democracy."

Warner, fighting Morell for San Bernardino County's 40th Assembly District seat, said the controversial remarks came during an appearance by Morell at the Salt and Light Conference in Highland on Sept. 29.

Morell was videotaped saying the following:

"Government picks winners and losers. So what I decided to do in California; study how good of a job does government do with our tax money in helping the poor. ... (Laughter from the audience) ... Somehow I don't think you guys think they do very well. Well, let me tell ya. Let me tell ya. It ain't very good. I mean, it's, they should be shot."

Morell, whose website describes him as "small business owner for over 25 years," could not be reached immediately for comment about the excerpt. Elected to the Assembly in 2010, he is seeking a second term.

Warner, in a written statement, demanded that Morell "disavow these shameful remarks immediately."

"Advocating violence against Americans and our California Legislature is a fundamental betrayal of the oath of office he swore back in 2010," Warner said.

The excerpt can be seen and heard here:


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