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Andy Pugno is not really "running" against Beth Gaines for the Assembly - he's just limping along, judging from newly filed disclosure statements.

Pugno reported outstanding debt of $132,205 and campaign contributions totaling just $59,524 from July 1 through Sept. 30, a pittance for an Assembly race in which the opponent is a sitting lawmaker.

Gaines, by contrast, reported collecting more than twice as much during the three-month period, $125,850.

Pugno, in a fundraising appeal weeks ago, told supporters that his campaign needed a cash infusion -- quickly.

"I have decided that we will not go into debt," he said.

"Instead, our campaign team will spend only the funds we receive from contributors like you. If the funds do not arrive in time, we simply won't be able to pull the trigger on crucial campaign communications."

Pugno has kept that campaign promise, too: No big infusion, no big advertising push, with Election Day less than a month away.

Potentially, the Folsom attorney could lose twice unless money starts pouring in:

The campaign owes Pugno $100,000 in loans from the primary.


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