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Gov. Jerry Brown, campaigning in Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley for his ballot initiative to raise taxes, said on "Good Day LA" this morning that his initiative is not a "shell game" aimed at funding non-education programs.

He also described himself as a governor who loves to "cut stuff" but is need of additional revenue.

"I've hacked away," Brown said on the popular morning show two weeks before Election Day. "We've cut the blind and disabled, we've cut redevelopment. We've cut salaries 5 percent. My own salary's been cut 23 ... 23 percent. The Legislature's been cut 23 (percent)."

The Democratic governor was asked if Proposition 30 is not a "shell game," providing money for education but freeing up other revenue for other programs.

"If we don't get 'Yes,' but get 'No' on 30, there's no doubt - it's in the law today - as of November, the day after the election, $6 billion comes out," Brown said. "There's no shell game. If the tax measure doesn't pass, $6 billion doesn't come in."

Brown's TV appearance in the state's largest media market came at the start of a one-day blitz through Southern California and the San Joaquin Valley, with stops in Inglewood, San Diego, Bakersfield and Fresno.

As he first did over the weekend, Brown once again cast his initiative as a jobs measure.

"We can afford it because kids getting good schools means jobs, means California can compete," Brown said. "It's really important."

He also continued to tout his own reputation for frugality.

"I take a bag lunch, I ride on Southwest, I take the damn middle seat," Brown said. "I hate spending money ... I love to cut stuff. I'm not a big spender."


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