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CHICO - Gov. Jerry Brown suggested this afternoon that his campaign to raise taxes will make no major changes in the final week before Election Day, calling his prospects "darn good" despite flagging support in public surveys.

Rallying several hundred students at California State University, Chico, Brown appealed to students to turn out for the election in part for the tuition refund checks they are promised if Proposition 30 passes.

"It's pretty simple," Brown said. You know, 'Yes' means money into schools, 'No' means money out of schools. 'Yes' means $250 in your pocket, 'No' means no $250 in your pocket. It's pretty simple. This is about third grade arithmetic. It's money in or money out."

The Democratic governor, who may have a base of support on college campuses but difficulty persuading a high proportion of college students to vote, has appeared at rallies at colleges throughout the state in recent weeks. He is scheduled to attend a rally at California State University, Los Angeles, on Tuesday.

If Proposition 30 passes, the California State University system plans to lower tuition in January and send $250 refund checks to students.

"We have a darn good chance to win, but you've got to talk to your friends, communicate to your family and your friends, because this is pretty critical," Brown said. "If California doesn't get Proposition 30, we're going to face some very difficult, very tough choices. It's going to be hard to pull us all together."

Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, who joined Brown in Chico this afternoon, said recent student protests over state budget cuts at the Capitol have been "inspiring and impressive."

However, he told the students, "You have an incredible opportunity to show your power in an even more effective way by going to the polls and voting for Proposition 30 next week."

Public support for Brown's initiative has fallen below 50 percent in recent polls. Asked if he plans anything new for the campaign this week, Brown said, "I hope not."

As he took the stage, Brown pulled a few trading cards from his pocket and handed them to attendees near the front of the crowd. The cards, which feature four photographs of Brown on one side and resume highlights on the other, appear to be from Brown's 2010 gubernatorial run, listing his current position - as it was then - as state attorney general.


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