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November 29, 2012
AM Alert: Naughty or nice

VIDEO: Dan Walters says California is lagging behind other states.

It's the time of year for list-making up in the North Pole -- and also here around the Capitol. Who's been naughty? Who's been nice?

Tonight the Citizen Hotel releases its fourth annual list - displayed in a Christmas window at 10th and J streets - calling out public figures for their deeds good and (mostly) bad.

The naughty list in 2009 included then-Assemblyman Mike Duvall, who bragged to a colleague about spanking a mistress wearing "eye-patch panties" - without realizing his comments were being recorded.

In 2010, the hotel's naughty list included then-Sen. Roy Ashburn, who was busted for drunk driving. He later came out as being gay despite a record of voting against gay rights measures.

And last year, the only California politician to make the Citizen's naughty list was former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Don't think we need to tell you why.

So which California politician do you think will be called out for naughty behavior this year? The list of possibilities is pretty long, just going over the criminal court docket. Tweet your guess today with the hashtag #naughtycapol. Then take yourself over to the Citizen for the 5:30 p.m. cocktail party, where the list will be revealed .


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