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Will Gov. Jerry Brown see his Proposition 30 approved in Tuesday's election?

The latest Field Poll shows that 48 percent of likely voters surveyed back his tax initiative, with 38 percent opposed. But 14 percent are still undecided, as David Siders reports in today's Bee.

Among likely voters who say they've already voted, 54 percent said they voted yes and 42 percent said they voted no, according to the poll.

Then there's the surge of new voters who've registered since September. Paul Mitchell, a former Democratic consultant who's now vice president of Political Data Inc., told Siders, "These people have not gotten mail pieces, they've not gotten phone calls. ... How does a campaign reach them before Tuesday?"

As for Molly Munger's rival Proposition 38, the poll finds that support is continuing to drop, with only 34 percent of likely voters in favor and 49 percent opposed.

Click here to read the statistical tabulations compiled exclusively for Capitol Alert and The Bee. You'll find the publicly released poll at this link.

Brown, meanwhile, takes his Proposition 30 pitch to the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco at noon today.

Stay tuned for more Field Poll findings this week. The survey of voter views on Proposition 32 on campaign finance and Proposition 34 on the death penalty is slated for publication Friday. Then Saturday, it's Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney as well as Dianne Feinstein vs. Elizabeth Emken.

Tuesday, the Field Poll will estimate California voter turnout in the general election.


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