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Five years ago, then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a speech to a state Republican convention, warning party activists that unless they became more inclusive and broadened their appeal, they would become irrelevant.

"In movie terms," the movie star-turned-politician told his fellow Republicans, "we are dying at the box office."

On Wednesday, Schwarzenegger issued a gigantic "I told you so" in the form of a Wall Street Journal interview.

He said that Republicans should not shy away from immigration and other hot button issues, but rather embrace them in positive terms.

"We cannot tolerate these offensive comments about women's rights and ridiculous plans for mass deportations," Schwarzenegger said. "We have always been a party of big ideas to move the country forward, and that is what we must communicate now. Not these petty attacks."

"We need to focus on expanding the tent instead of shrinking it," Schwarzenegger continued in the question-and-answer interview. "We need to find ways to include instead of exclude. The party has tried to move to the right, and now we can see that the action and the votes are more in the center."


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