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California counties would be prohibited from releasing the addresses and telephone numbers of residents who carry concealed weapons under legislation proposed today by two Republican assemblymen.

Dan Logue of Marysville and Allan Mansoor of Costa Mesa are joint authors of the proposal, Assembly Bill 134.

The bill would require counties to continue releasing the names of concealed weapons permit holders, but addresses and telephone numbers would be available only to law enforcement agencies.

"There is no reason for us to provide criminals with a list of who does (and) does not choose to protect their household by carrying a firearm," Mansoor said in a prepared statement.

The bill is meant to enhance public safety by keeping out of criminals' hands a list of addresses where they might go to steal a gun, said Saulo Londono, Mansoor's spokesman.

State law already bars the public release of names and addresses of peace officers, elected officeholders, judges and various other public officials who carry concealed weapons.

"Let's provide the same peace of mind to California families," Mansoor said.

Updated at 12:30 p.m. Wednesday to say that the bill was introduced jointly by Assemblymen Dan Logue and Allan Mansoor.


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