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Can't we all get along?

Democrats control the Legislature, but the two houses can't agree on a calendar of deadlines for 2013.

Take summer recess, for example.

For the first time in memory, the Senate and Assembly tentatively have slated different dates for their monthlong recess. The lower house plans to adjourn July 3, the upper house July 12.

The discrepancy would create a week in which the Senate would be in public session while the Assembly is in recess - then vice versa. Many vacationing members of one house would have to return for hearings of the other.

Dueling calendars require the Senate to move all bills from its policy committees to its Appropriations Committee by July 12, while the Assembly would have an additional month, until Aug. 16.

For the Assembly, where 38 of 80 members are freshmen, the schedule would allow more time to conduct public hearings, weigh controversies, make amendments - and solicit funds from interest groups, perhaps, while the fate of key proposals is in doubt.

Behind the scenes, the two houses are trying to iron out their differences and create a joint calendar.

Publicly, officials representing Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg and Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez say only that they believe agreement will be reached, just like it has in years past.

If not, they could always blame the Republicans.


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