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What will Democrats do with their newly minted supermajorities in both houses of the Legislature?

Will they pass a batch of new constitutional amendments, raise taxes higher, make it easier for local governments to raise taxes, re institute redevelopment, seek voter approval of new water and school construction bonds, protect the civil rights of the homeless, give public employees new benefits or expand health care and other government services?

Perhaps all of the above - and many other things - if the early submissions of proposed legislation are any guide. Of course, dropping a bill in the legislative hopper is just the beginning of the process and many, if not most, of the measures being proposed in the first days of the biennial session will fall by the wayside.

Moreover, many of the early bills are just shells that "declare legislative intent" to do something or another about something or another. But if someone is really curious about what's happening, one way to check is to hit a legislative website where legislation can be ferreted out by author, number of, if one is intuitive enough, by topic.

The website, maintained by the Legislature's legal office, also allows the user to "subscribe" to a bill to follow its progress and also research current law.


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