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BermanSherman.jpgFormer congressman Howard Berman's friends in Congress are making political life difficult for congressman Brad Sherman, who defeated Berman when the two Democratic incumbents were thrown into the same Southern California district, the Politico website reported Wednesday.

The Politico article indicated that the revenge - Sherman being aced out of committee positions he sought - was being orchestrated by Berman's long-time friend and political partner, Henry Waxman.

Waxman and Berman, along with the latter's brother, Michael, an expert on redistricting and mail campaigning, had headed a powerful political organization in Los Angeles for decades. Michael Berman was hired every 10 years by the state's Democratic politicians to handle redistricting matters.

However, redistricting was taken out of politicians' hands by two ballot measures and placed in an independent commission, and it threw Berman and Sherman into the same San Fernando Valley district.

Although Berman had the backing of virtually every major Democratic Party figure, Sherman was more popular locally and after they two had spent millions of dollars on the campaign, Sherman emerged victorious.

But as Congress reconvened, Politico reported, ""Revenge is being served up cold to Rep. Brad Sherman after he beat fellow California Democrat Howard Berman last year in an incumbent-vs.-incumbent cage match spurred by redistricting."

PHOTO CREDIT: California Democratic Reps. Brad Sherman, right, and Howard Berman went nose to nose in a debate last fall. You Tube photo.


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