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To promote energy efficiency, freshman Assemblyman Anthony Rendon this week proposed the Nonresidential Building Energy Retrofit Financing Act of 2012 to create a state loan program for projects that reduce energy consumption in commercial buildings.

In its findings, Assembly Bill 122 says that a lack of accessible and affordable financing for retrofits results in "energy-inefficient buildings that are estimated to consume up to 50 percent more energy than required to achieve the same level of comfort."

Through the California Energy Commission, Rendon's bill would use bond funds to bankroll loans. Startup costs would come from a $7 million loan from the state's general fund, to be repaid by 2023.

Here's the catch:

No way can the Legislature pass the Nonresidential Building Energy Retrofit Financing Act of 2012.

It's now 2013.

An aide to Rendon, D-Lakewood, said the error was an oversight stemming from the fact that AB 122 is a reintroduction of Senate legislation from last year, which died in the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

Nobody read the fine print, apparently.


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