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One day after Texas Gov. Rick Perry released a radio ad in California criticizing the Golden State's business climate and encouraging businesses to relocate to Texas, California Gov. Jerry Brown said today that Perry's campaign is "barely a fart."

"It's not a serious story, guys," the Democratic governor told reporters at a business event here. "It's not a burp. It's barely a fart."

The ad buy Perry announced Monday is relatively small, at about $24,000, but it gained widespread attention in the media. Brown called the amount "the smallest entry into the media market of California."

"If they want to get in the game, let them spend $25 million on radio and television," Brown said. "Then I'll take them seriously."

Perry's ad - and Brown's reaction - is the latest in a longstanding back-and-forth between Brown and Perry about which state is better for business.

Brown's remarks came during an appearance at a UPS distribution center to celebrate the deployment of a fleet of all-electric vehicles.

"It's small, but it's important," Brown said. "Climate change is not waiting. Pollution doesn't wait. So we can't wait, either."


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