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animalshelter040.JPGNo more killing of stray animals.

No more destroying them, either.

New legislation would strike those words from state law, requiring instead that animals be "humanely euthanized" if they are sick, stray or abandoned and an owner can't be found.

Assembly Bill 1045 would not alter the animals' fate, but it would change how the state describes it. Though it revises only a handful of words, the bill is 23 pages long because the words appear in multiple laws.

The purpose of the bill by Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield, D-Woodland Hills, is to "establish a more enlightened and humane law to guide animal control," said Anthony Matthews, Blumenfield's spokesman.

Among other things, the measure would replace the notion of "unwanted" animals with "surrendered" ones, housed in public facilities.

But don't call them "pounds."

AB 1045 would replace that, too.

With "animal shelters."

PHOTO CREDIT: Adult cats at the at the Sacramento County Animal Care Facility in 2010. The Sacramento Bee/Andy Alfaro


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