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Zaremberg.JPGThe California Chamber of Commerce is out with its annual list of "job killer" bills today, bestowing the title on 32 pieces of legislation authored by legislative Democrats.

Measures to raise the minimum wage, increase penalties on polluters, ban disposable food containers, put a stop to hydraulic fracturing and lower the vote requirement for tax increases were among those CalChamber has labeled "job killers."

"California policy makers should keep their focus on the number one issues affecting their constituents - economic recovery and job creation," said a statement from the group's president Allan Zaremberg, who is in China this week with Gov. Jerry Brown.

"Each of these proposed 'job killer' bills would increase uncertainty for employers and investors and lead to higher costs of doing business, which will undermine the economic health of the state."

The Chamber has been labeling bills as "job killers" since 1997, and the moniker has become an effective lobbying tool for the organization over the years. Typically, the Chamber slaps the label on a few dozen bills and only a small handful wind up signed into law -- even though, as Dan Walters noted last year, the Legislature is dominated by Democrats aligned with the labor unions and environmentalists who push for the bills.

For a full list of the Chamber's 2013 "job killers," click here.

PHOTO CREDIT: Allan Zaremberg, President of the California Chamber of Commerce, in 2010. Sacramento Bee/Hector Amezcua


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