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AVOCADOES.JPGAs it turns out, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom did make some momentous decisions when he was serving as acting governor during Gov. Jerry Brown's jaunt to China.

Newsom did not mention them during his crowd-rousing speech at the California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento earlier this month.

(He did tout other "remarkable achievements" including having appointed someone else to walk first dog Sutter Brown and boosting the state's hair gel industry).

But a proclamation dated April 9, a few days before the convention, corrected a "glaring absence of agricultural products from the list of our officially adopted icons."

Yes, Newsom has established a quartet of previously undeclared state-honored foods. For the duration of 2013, avocados are the state fruit, almonds are the state nut, artichokes are the state vegetable and rice is the state grain.

Newsom is a frequent guest on San Francisco radio station KGO's morning show. After the show's hosts learned that California had failed to fill its state-food void, they held a contest soliciting listeners' views on deserving candidates and then encouraged Newsom to make it official.

KGO listeners had selected the artichoke, prompting Newsom to defend the avocado on air and ask if people had rigged the vote, citing broad support in a survey on his Facebook page for the avocado.

"I think we need to call Jerry Brown," Newsom joked during a broadcast.

But he ultimately obliged with a solution that accommodated four of California's main agricultural products. Newsom read an on-air proclamation heralding the honors during an April 10 broadcast.

"I know this is not education reform, water policy," Newsom said, but he argued that the distinction was meaningful given that "we are the breadbasket in the world" and that California has a state fossil.

You can read the proclamation here:

LG Proclamation Statefood

PHOTO CREDIT: Avocado, California's state fruit. It's what's official. Owen Brewer / Sacramento Bee file, 2005.


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