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clearcutad.pngA Northern California environmental group has begun airing advertisements on cable TV stations criticizing Gov. Jerry Brown for allowing clear-cut logging on thousands of acres of forest land.

Marily Woodhouse, co-founder of the Manton-based Battle Creek Alliance, said today her organization paid $3,000 to air spots this month on CNN, MSNBC and other cable networks in Sacramento.

The tiny ad buy is part of an ongoing conflict between environmentalists and business interests over the state's management of logging on private land. One ad features a photograph of the Democratic governor in a superimposed pair of sunglasses.

"Where's the real Gov. Jerry Brown?" a narrator says. "We don't know where this Jerry Brown impostor came from, but will the real one who values California's inhabitants and natural resources over the wealthy, special interest, short term profiteers please come back?"

The criticism is highly general, and Battle Creek Alliance neither objects to nor advocates for any specific policy in the ad. Woodhouse said she decided to air it because on logging issues, generally, "we've worked on this for a long time but really gotten nowhere."

Richard Stapler, a spokesman for the California Natural Resources Agency, said in an email that California has "the strictest timber harvest regulations in the country" and that the administration "remains committed to protecting and preserving our rich natural resources, while supporting important economic activities."

Editor's note: This post was updated at 1:10 p.m. to include Stapler's response.

PHOTO CREDIT: A screen shot of one of the ads.


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