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blumenfield.perez.JPGThe Assembly will pack in at least one additional floor session this week as Democrats look to flex their supermajority powers before losing them.

Lower house Democrats will be one vote shy of holding a two-thirds majority after Assemblyman Bob Blumenfield, D-Los Angeles, leaves the Assembly to be sworn in on the Los Angeles City Council on July 1. Blumenfield's departure will leave two vacancies in the Assembly that likely won't be filled during this session.

The supermajority allows Democrats to pass tax increases and put constitutional amendments before voters without Republican support. A two-thirds vote is also needed to override a vetoed bill by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Among the bills needing two-thirds is Assembly Bill 880, which penalizes large employers, such as Walmart, whose workers qualify for Medi-Cal.

The Assembly has scheduled an additional floor session Tuesday at 1 p.m. to take up a state worker contract, said John Vigna, a spokesman for the Speaker's Office.

The Assembly will then hold its regularly scheduled 9 a.m. floor session on Thursday. Members will be on call of Speaker John A. Pérez on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Vigna said the on call sessions are a precautionary measure in case business remains.

"We wanted to give folks as much notice as possible," Vigna said. "I don't anticipate it's likely to happen."

The Assembly will go into recess after its floor session on July 3 until Aug. 5.

During that time, a special primary election is scheduled for July 23 to fill the seat vacated by Democrat Norma Torres of Pomona, who was elected to the Senate. Nine candidates -- including seven Democrats - have filed to run in that election. If a candidate doesn't receive a majority, the top two candidates will face a runoff in September -- after the legislative session ends.

An election date won't be set to pick Blumenfield's replacement until he resigns from office.

PHOTO: Assembly Budget Committee Chair Bob Blumenfield, left, speaks to Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez in a 2012 file photo. The Sacramento Bee / Randall Benton


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