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BIZ WRK-CPT-GADGETS SJ.jpgCalifornia, birthplace of the personal computer and home to Silicon Valley's tech giants, is only average when it comes to Internet connectivity - probably because the state has a very large population of low-use ethnic groups, a new Census Bureau report indicates.

The report says that 15.4 percent of Californians over two years old lack a home computer and have no other access to a computer and the Internet, only slightly lower than the 15.9 percent national average. Other states range from a low of 7.5 percent in Utah to a high of 26.8 percent in Mississippi.

Californians did rate relatively high, however, in two other indices - smartphone use and using multiple sources and platforms to access the Internet.

The Census Bureau found that computer access and use rates vary widely with ethnicity, with Asian households having the highest rates of Internet use at 82.7 percent, followed by non-Hispanic whites at 76.2 percent, Hispanics at 58.3 percent and blacks at 56.9 percent. The latter two comprise about 45 percent of California's 38 million residents.

PHOTO: Kim Gibbons, director of strategic marketing at Cisco Systems uses her own personal cell phone and iPad while working on a laptop at Cisco in San Jose on Friday, January 27, 2012. San Jose Mercury News/Patrick Tehan


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