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sutter.JPGWhat is first dog Sutter Brown thinking?

We put that question to readers last week, and our exercise in interspecies telepathy produced more than 250 responses (Who's a good reader? You!).

The offerings were as varied as the spectrum canine breeds. Plenty of jokes about tummy rubs, pork and Latin, which Sutter's dad, Gov. Jerry Brown, enjoys sprinkling into speeches. A few readers wanted to tell us about their own pet corgis. One reader went with the stuff-the-ballot-box approach, submitting 18 offers.

After doggedly searching through the contenders, we've narrowed it down to the following. If you need a little context, Sutter was taking a break after gracing the Sacramento SPCA's doggy dash with his presence.

1. "If you scratch my belly...I'll scratch yours."

2. "I'm not wearing a wire. Rub my belly and check."

3. "The Governor told me to either strike this ridiculous pose for the SPCA, or start digging the Delta tunnels."

4. "Now that Steinberg and Pérez have rolled over for the governor, why shouldn't I?"

5. "I shouldn't have had that second drink at the duck pond."

Send your responses to by 11:59 p.m. Monday. You can remain anonymous if you wish, but we need to have your name to award the grand prize of a $25 coffee shop gift certificate.


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